Theatre lighting is progressing, and many photographers cannot accommodate the changes. For example, many venues have added LED lighting to their existing lights. While this provides dramatic improvements in the ability of the lighting designer to enhance the show, it creates havoc for most cameras for two reasons. First, the basic color of 'white' is different. And, second, the intensity available is much greater leading to incredible 'dynamic range' (the difference between the bright and dark areas) on stage.

Unless your photographer has the right equipment AND knows how to instruct the equipment how to handle the unique lighting in each production, you are not getting the best!

Flat Rate production photos

For a flat fee, we will photograph your production and provide edited images via Dropbox.

Typically done during your final dress rehearsal, we will shoot with multiple cameras to get both wide-stage shots plus close-up emotional shots, and take a Cast photo as well.

We will then deliver your images, typically before opening night, via Dropbox.

You are given rights to, and encouraged to, create DVD's or Thumb Drives to have available to sell you your audience during the show. Companies that follow this advice often make a small profit from the photography!

Production promotion

We are experts in producing promotional photos for theatrical productions. Whether you need posters, social media, or simply headshot for programs, let us help bring your vision to life!

Memory Products for Cast and Crew

The cast and crew of your production give up so much time to make your vision come to life. Give them an opportunity to remember the magic!

Thumb drives of production photos, Cast photos, Director's gifts, Customized Posters for each cast member, or even Photo Memory books....
We produce the products, and deal directly with your Company. Let us help keep them coming back to your productions!